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Hoi Capsot. Not sure where to leave this message, but I s'pose we have to talk ;-) Since you master some Romance languages, I hope you can read and understand these few basic requirements for articles in our Wiki. You know, I'm not the strict type of admin but I feel like having to inform you because of the number of pages you created. If people come by and drop one page, which happens quite a lot recently, I don't mind expanding them into a valid stub, but this is not okay. And since I have the impression that this is about your results in that contest (I didn't check on you, just a wild guess), I'm not really willing to do the work in your stead. I don't mean to attack you personally, but rather keeping an eye on this wiki which already has a lot of problems to cope with. --Andreas (talk) 19:40, 14 avril 2014 (CEST)

No need to apologise, hope the kids are having fun ;-) I'll help you out this once since you appear to be a nice and sincere guy/girl ;-) The absolute minimum requirement is five sentences without statistics. Since I'm not a 100% sure what they meant (even though I voted for it), I'll count the introductory statement ("is a") among those five. So, deal: If you upgrade your articles to contain five full sentences, I'll fix the language by the weekend. (In case you really want to learn a bit about Romansh, this might help you see the differences. For me, "spotting the differences" is a way to learn new Romance languages without mixing them up too much. This is to say, I'm not a native at all.) --Andreas (talk) 21:49, 14 avril 2014 (CEST) PS: Would be nice if you could answer in Occitan this time. I want to see how good I am ;-) Oh and this one: What does PD actually stand for? I know the languages of Spain use it instead of PS (post scriptum), but can't figure out the full version.

schaner, avrigl, zercladur, fenadur, settember, october,

Caterina Albert i Paradís, pli enconchenta sut ses pseudonim Víctor Català (L'Escala, Catalugna, 11 da settember 1869 a L'Escala, Catalugna; 27 da schaner 1966 a L'Escala) è stada ina scriptura catalana.

Txau Capsot, d'you allow me to offer a hand? I mean, it's a talk page after all ;-)
schaner, favrer, mars, avrigl, matg, zercladur 6, fanadur 7, avust, settember, october, november, december... ed il pledari
Caterina Albert i Paradís, pli [or meglier] enconschenta [fem.] sut ses pseudonim Víctor Català (* 11 da settember 1859 a L'Escala, Catalugna; † 27 da schaner 1966 a L'Escala) è stada [fem. since esser is used, you were thinking of ha estat?] ina scriptura catalana.
You may also want to have a look at our article on Klaus Ebner for some inspiration. --Andreas (talk) 23:46, 1 avril 2014 (CEST)
Oh, you have a politician as well? It's politicher (say polítiquer), fem. is politicra (say políticra). This is a German loanword which went it's own way in Romansh. There are a few more word, both Romansh amd German in origin, which use the -(ch)er, -(c)ra ending. --Andreas (talk) 23:53, 1 avril 2014 (CEST)
† è stada ina scriptura catalana.

Abat Oliba † è stà in

Ausiàs March † è stà in scriptur valencian.

Antoni Maria Alcover (* 2 da fevrer 1862 a Santa Cirga, Manacor; † 8 da schaner 1932 a Palma) è stà in scriptur e linguist balear.

Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet, pli enconschent sco Antoni Gaudí (* 25 da zercladur de 1852 a Reus o Riudoms; † 10 da zercladur 1926 a Barcelona) è stà in

Narcís Miquel Joseph Monturiol i Estarriol (* 28 da settember 1819 a Figueres, Alt Empurdà; † 6 da settember 1885 a Sant Martí de Provençals, Barcelona) è stà un inventur, intellectual, editur, pictur, politic e inventur catalan.

Antoni Ramallets (* 1 da fanadur 1924 a Barcelona; † 30 da fanadur 2013 a Vilafranca del Penedès) è stà in

Carmen Amaya (* 2 da november 1918 a Barcelona; † 19 da november de 1963 a Begur, Girona) è stà ina

Cresques Abraham †è stà in

Francesc Eiximenis †è stà in scriptur catalan.

Frederica Montseny i Mañé (* 12 da fevrer 1905 a Madrid; † 14 da schaner 1994 a Tolosa) è stà ina politica catalana.

Francesca Bonnemaison i Farriols (†) è stà ina

Francesc Xavier Bultó i † è stà in

Ildefons Cerdà † è stà in

Francesc Eiximenis † è stà in

Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia (* 10 da schaner 1859 a Alella; † 13 d'october de 1909 a Barcelona) è stà in

Francesc Macià i Llussà (* 21 da settember 1859 a Vilanova i la Geltrú; † 25 da december 1933 a Barcelona) è stà in politicher catalan.

Jacint Verdaguer (1865)

Jacint Verdaguer, enconschent popularmeins sco Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer (* 17 da matg 1845 a Folgueroles, Catalugna; † 10 da zercladur a Vallvidrera, Barcelona) è stà in scriptur catalan.


Joan Lluís Vives i March (†) è stà in scriptur valencian.


Joan Miró i Ferrà (20 d'avrigl 1893 a Barcelona; † 25 da december 1983 a Palma de Mallorca) è stà in pictur catalan.

Joanot Martorell (†) è stà in scriptur valencian.

Josep Bonaplata i Corriol (* 1795 a Barcelona; † 2 da zercladur 1843 a Bunyol) è stà in

Miquel Crusafont i Pairó (* 3 d'october 1910 a Sabadell, Catalugna; † 15 d'avust 1983 a Sabadell) è stà in

Pau Casals è stà in musicist catalan.

Pau Claris i Casademunt (Barcelona, 1 da schaner 1586 – Barcelona, 27 da fevrer 1641) è stà in politicher catalan.

Rosa Sensat (* 17 da zercladur 1873 a El Masnou; 1 d'october 1961 a Barcelona) è stà ina

Salvador Felip Jacint Dalí i Domènech, marquès de Púbol (Figueres, 11 da magg 1904Figueres, 23 da schaner 1989) è stà in pictur catalan.

Teresa Claramunt (* 4 da zercladur 1862 a Sabadell; 11 d'avrigl 1931 a Barcelona) è stà ina

Lombard occidental[modifitgar il code]

genar, setember,

El Víctor Lidio Jara Martínez (nassüü 'l 28 de setember del 1932 a Lonquén arent a Santiago del Chile; murüü 'l 15 de setember del 1973 a Santiago del Chile) l'è staa müsegh, cantant L'Ümbert Eco, l'è un scritur italian nassüü a Lissandria el 5 de genar dal 1932.

milanés: Enrico Letta (Pisa, 20 agost 1966) l'è on politegh italian.

Piemontés[modifitgar il code]

Umberto Eco (Lissandria, 5 gené 1932) a l’é në scritor piemontèis, filòsof, académich, semiòlogh, lenghista (ëd ... dël) gené, fëvré, mars, avril, magg, giugn, luj, agost, stèmber, otóber, novèmber, dzèmber

Logodorés: Enrico Berlinguer (Tàtari, 25 de maiu 1922 – Padova, 11 làmpadas 1984) est istadu unu politicu italianu. Malcolm X, naskidu... fit unu ... est unu

bennalzu, freàlzu, martzu, abrile, maju, làmpadas 6, triulas 7, austu, santuaine 10, nadale 12

chinero, febrero, marzo, agosto setiembre, octubre, noviembre, aviento

Pau Claris, naixito de Barcelona o 1 da chinero de 1586 y muerto en Barcelona o 27 da febrero de 1641, estió un politico catalán.

Frederica Montseny i Mañé, naixita de Madrid o 12 de febrero de 1905 y muerta en Tolosa o 14 de chinero de 1994, estió una politica catalana.

Pompeu Fabra, naixito de Gràcia, Barcelona o 20 de febrero de 1868 y muerto en Prada de Conflent o 25 d'aviento de 1948) estió un lingüista catalán.

mas conoixito

(tamién gosa trobar-se como Pere Bosch-Gimpera u castellanizato como Pedro Bosch Gimpera), naixito de Barcelona (Barcelonés) o 22 de marzo de 1891 y muerto en Ciudat de Mexico (Mexico) o 9 d'octubre de 1974, estió